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Dormitory for foreign students in Daejeon - Comfortable hall of residence for foreign students

Guide to Living 누리관 생활안내

Standards for penalty points

Standards for penalty points
Prohibited behavior Penalty points
  • 1. stealing, violent behavior, extortion or concealment of other resident's articles
  • 2. behavior that damages severely facilities in the Nuri Hall
  • 3. smoking in the room
  • 4. providing food or accommodation to an outsider
  • 5. fetching or opening other resident's postal matters

100 (expulsion)

  • 6. drinking alcoholic beverages or gambling in the room
  • 7. carrying in or using prohibited materials in the room
  • 8. entering other gender's room or permitting other gender's entering
  • 9. changing the structure or relocating of facilities in the room
  • 10. locking devices, attaching stickers, or scribbling on the wall

50 (verbal warning)

  • 11. behavior that disturbs other resident's sleeping
  • 12. smoking in an area other than a designated one
  • 13. behavior breaking order of the dormitories such as loud singing
  • 14. defiling the Hall or its surrounding area (scribbling, throwing cigarette butt or wastepaper)
  • 15. bad manners against the administration staff or disobeying directions without a reason


  • 16. lending a room key to other residents
  • 17. attaching notices, posters, or signs on a place other than designated one
  • 18. messing up and not cleaning the room
  • 19. sleeping in other resident's room
  • 20. other behaviors that injure dignity necessary for the communal life


other behaviors that harm the communal life in the Hall may get penalty points by applying eligible or similar standards shown in the table.