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Dormitory for foreign students in Daejeon - Comfortable hall of residence for foreign students

Guide to Living 누리관 생활안내

Rules for the Student Residents Living in the Nuri Hall

Article 1 (purpose)

purpose) rules which are based on the article no.16 of the managerial regulations aim at maintaining order among foreign students from different countries so that they can overcome cultural differences and live a comfortable life in the Nuri Hall.

Article 2 (check-in registration)

  • Students who were chosen to stay in the Nuri Hall should submit a check-in document(annexed form no.1).
  • Students with an epidemic disease or mental disorder which may harm other student residents in the dormitory may be asked to submit a medical report issued by a medical institution.

Article 3 (student's right)

  • Students can use materials allotted for an individual or common use.
  • Students can make constructive suggestions as for living in the Nuri Hall.

Article 4(student's obligation)

  • Students are supposed to cooperate so as to sustain orderly cohabiting and to create helpful and harmonious environment.
  • Students are supposed to kindly conserve and use equipment and materials in the dormitories in an orderly and decent manner, and should report the cases to the administration office if or when facilities for individual or common use were damaged.
  • Students should watch out for a fire or flammable materials and clear up or arrange their room tidy.
  • Students should stay in their allotted room, and cannot move to another room randomly.
  • Students must report to the administration office as soon as possible when the followings happen.
    • - Facilities or materials were damaged or lost.
    • - Fire, pilferage, emergency patient were witnessed.
    • - Failure or damage of electricity, tap water, heating or cooling system.

Article 5 (forbidden materials)

The following materials are prohibited to carry in.

  • weapon, carbide bottle, lumber, and other lethal materials.
  • gas burner, butane burner, and other dangerous materials.
  • alcohol and drugs.
  • electric heater, TV, electric fan, refrigerator, and electric appliances making noise.
  • other materials harming resident's life in the Nuri Hall.

Article 6 (time limit for entrance)

  • The time limit for entrance is as follows.
    • - entrance : 23:00
    • - lights-out and bedtime : 24:00
  • Students may use a desk lamp after lights-out.

Article 7 (cooking)

Students may cook foods only in a kitchen or communal kitchen. It is prohibited to cook in a dormitory room.

Article 8 (preventive measures against accidents or loss)

Students should be always wary about a fire, stealth, and other accidents.

Article 9 (prohibited behaviors and penalty points)

Students should not do behaviors shown in the annexed table. Any violation will lead to penalty points.

Article 10 (check out or expulsion)

  • Students will be asked to check out or leave if they do one of the followings.
    • - If a student wants to check out by himself or herself.
    • - When a student's penalty points exceed 100 by violation of the article no.10.
    • - When a student is deemed to be unsuitable for staying together with other students in the Nuri Hall.
  • A student who checks out should return his or her materials and keys to the administration office and get inventory for the items in his or her room. The student who lost or damaged an item should pay for it.

Article 11 (room inspection)

  • Each room may be inspected for its order, cleanliness, the number of occupiers, facilities, and hygiene.
  • Regular inspection will be carried out monthly. A random inspection may take place when it is deemed necessary.

Article 12 (staying out)

  • A student who wants to stay out overnight should write information such as the reason, time, and destination on the staying-out form(annexed document no.2), and submit it to get an approval for it before going out.
  • A student who returns to the dormitory after staying out should report to the administration office.

Article 13 (visitors)

  • A visitor should submit his or her identification card to the administration office to get an approval for visiting the Nuri Hall.
  • Visiting to the Nuri Hall may be limited if the visitor is deem to harm order or academic atmosphere.
  • Visiting time is 0900 hours ~ 2200 hours. A visitor cannot enter a student's room.

Article 14 (liability)

If a student damaged facilities, equipment, or individual materials purposefully or by mistake, he or she should compensate for it.

Article 15 (penalties)

A student who violated the rule will get the following penalties according to a total of penalty points.

  • 50 and above : verbal warning
  • 70 and above : notification of the penalty points and request for a self-reflection
  • 100 and above : expelled

Supplementary Provision

Article 1(date of effect)
The rules are in effect from August 16, 2007.

Supplementary Provision

Article 1(date of effect)
The rules are in effect from October 17, 2012.