Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise. Nuri Hall Dormitory for foreign students in Daejeon

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Dormitory for foreign students in Daejeon - Comfortable hall of residence for foreign students

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To meet the need for more competitive power of local colleges/universities and the era of globalization to attract more foreign students, the city of Daejeon, 8 local colleges/universities, Expo Science Park started the development in 2004 and opened Nuri Hall in Sep. 2007.

Details of the development

Contract details - 1. Building cost : The city of Daejeon 50%, 8 colleges/universities 50%(Equality principle), 2. Ownership and Use : Shared by the public corporation and the participating schools/used based on burden rate for the cost, 3. Management/operation : Managed by the public corporation; the city and schools handle deficits/loss. , Decision on main issues including budget/balancing accounts
  • 2004 year

    • .03Established the basic plan for building the residence hall(Daejeon)
    • .09Entered the contract for building the residence hall(Daejeon, 8 colleges/
      universities, Science
  • 2005 year

    • .05~10Basic/final design
    • .12 .23Started construction
  • 2007 year

    • .07 .05Completed construction
    • .09 .07Opened "Nuri Hall" the residence hall for foreign students